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Creating Impressive structures that benefit businesses and the economy

Joe Nahas, through the team of Coronation Property, is currently working on different projects with the collaboration of the excellent architects. Said projects are structures that will have an economic impact in the City. Most of these are consist of redeveloping an old site into something elegant and luxurious that the people will love like turning a 19th-century warehouse in Liverpool into a premier beverage, food and retail precinct. This infrastructure is known as the Paper Mill that will provide the place a new touch of urban lifestyle that is improved and more relaxing.


The development and improvement of Georges River Precinct in Liverpool is also one of the projects of Joseph Nahas along with SJB. This is in connection with Coronation Property’s goal to turn the place into a true river city. The structure will not only be a beauty in the eye of the locals but will also prevent soil erosion along the riverbanks.


The Parramatta Square is also an impressive structure that the locals enjoy. Other commercial developments in the city include 20-22 Macquarie Street, 89 George Street, Justice Precinct and the Westfield Tower. When it comes to residential developments, Parramatta has the Altitude which is the riverfront development of Meriton with serviced apartments for both residential and commercial purposes. The Riverside Shopping Center is also included in this infrastructure.


Different Remarkable Structures in Parramatta Benefiting the Business and the Economy

Structures in Parramatta

The City also has the V by Crown at 31-39 Macquarie Street which is composed of resort facilities, a commercial space on the first floor measuring 5,800 m2   and a roof top bar. They also have the Aspire at 8 Parramatta Square which is the tallest proposed residential building in the southern part consisting of up to 700 apartments, a hotel and ground level commercial space.


Parramatta is being considered as the powerhouse of Sydney and all of these infrastructures help in the overall development and growth of business and economy of the place. With the Coronation Property as one of the leading project developer in the area, the people can expect more exquisite and elegant real estate properties to arise shortly.


Amidst all of these developments, the City Council still wants to maintain the culture and heritage of the place and as much as possible reflect it in the different infrastructures in the area. After all, improvements must always look back to where it came from. Joe Nahas also believes in this, and he wants his partner architects also to carry out the particular trait.

Coronation Property

The important thing is that the people benefit from all of these buildings and other structures. Changing their lifestyle for the better is one of the great things that investments can do. The progress of the economy will not be too far away if the people who have the skills and capacities join hands in giving life to these magnificent developments and providing the clients something that they truly deserve.