Do we all need a pair of noise canceling headphones

noise canceling headphones

Few people realize the very high levels of ambient noise that we all live with each day. Usually, it is not until a deafening sound such as a police or ambulance siren wails past that we even become aware of surrounding background noise.

Not only is constant noise and irritation to your nervous system – continuous exposure to low background noise causes permanent changes to hearing receptors in the ear – it is not only by working in the dark industry that you might find that permanent low-level hearing loss and damage has occurred.

For most people, it is possible to find enough peace most of the time to both relax and sleep – but in exceptional circumstances – using a pair of noise canceling headphones can make a difference to your peace of mind.

Noise cancelling headphones

Frequent travelers in planes, when cruising, truck drivers, and construction workers, among others, often like to use some personal background audio to provide some entertainment when working or just traveling the road.

The quality of reception is greatly enhanced by the effective re-processing of ambient and intrusive background noise. Most noise canceling headphone systems are wireless, although providing access to cable backup if battery power runs low. Also for those who will be using their noise canceling headphones from a desk or other fixed location – there are cables of various lengths to enable the use of central power and allow a limited range of movement.

Longer cables are useful if you will need to get up and move around – but shorter cables are neater if you don’t need the extra range.

For a total blockage of background noise the passive systems which do not actively rely on electronic inversion of background sound waves are easy to use and very cheap at around $30.00 – but to access a corresponding audio source, you are looking at between $60- $600 to purchase an active noise canceling headphone.

Battery operated, there are no limits to where you can take your noise canceling headphones, and when traveling, there are carry bag and holders to make your noise canceling headphone no trouble to carry.

With background levels of noise increasing in the community, as living becomes denser – it ‘s nice to be able to tune out surrounding background noise and give you some peace.